Loads — Load testing for dummies

Loads is a tool to load test your HTTP services.

With Loads, your load tests are classical Python unit tests which are calling the service(s) you want to send load to.

It also comes with a command line to run the actual load.

Loads tries its best to avoid reinventing the wheel, so we offer integration with 3 existing libraries: Requests, WebTest and ws4py.

Here’s a really simple test example:

from import TestCase

class TestWebSite(TestCase):

    def test_es(self):

If you don’t want to write your load tests in python, or if you want to use any other library to describe the testing, Loads allows you to use your own formalism. see :doc:zmq-api.

With such a test, running loads simply consists of doing:

$ bin/loads-runner example.TestWebSite.test_es
[======================================================================]  100%

Hits: 1
Started: 2013-06-14 12:15:42.860586
Duration: 0.03 seconds
Approximate Average RPS: 39
Average request time: 0.01s
Opened web sockets: 0
Bytes received via web sockets : 0

Success: 1
Errors: 0
Failures: 0

See User Guide for more options and information.