A process, running on a distant machine, waiting to run the tests (send the requests) to create some actual load on the system under test.
The process which routes the jobs to the agents. It contains a broker controller and a broker database.
distributed run
distributed test
When a test is run in distributed mode, meaning that all the commands goes trought the broker and one or more agents.
Some python code in charge of notifying people via various channels (irc, email, etc.). Observers are running on the broker.
Some python code in charge of generating reports (in real time or not) about a Loads run. Outputs are running on the client side.
The code that will actually run the test suite for you.
system under test
The website or service you want to test with Loads.
virtual users
When running a test, you can chose the number of users you want to have in parallel. This is called the number of virtual users.
Each agent can spawn a number of workers, which does the actual queries. The agent isn’t sending itself the queries, it creates a worker which does it instead.